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111 E. MTCS Rd.
Murfreesboro, TN 37129
Phone: 615.867.MEAT (6328)
Fax: 615.867.2294

Hours of Operation
Tuesday through Friday
10am - 6pm
9am - 4pm
Did you know
-- Tag'z offers a “pick 5 sale" - a weeks worth of meals!*

-- If you are in need, Tag'z will cook your meal for you

-- Tag'z offers many pre-packaged items with a sample of one of their fantastic
sauces - all you have to do is throw it in the oven or on the grill.

-- Seasonal offerings include Cajun favorites like alligator and crawfish tails

-- Fresh, fabulous soups are made daily

-- Tag'z only offers Choice meat or better

-- Tag'z buys meat from distributors that treat their animals humanely

-- Tag'z focuses on preservative free meats

-- All Tag'z sausages are handmade fresh with no MSG

-- You can buy grass-fed-only beef with a couple of days notice

-- Tag'z prices are comparable to grocery stores

-- Tag'z buys mainly from small family businesses

-- Tag'z only places fresh items in their display case and ensures quality with one  
important motto: "When in doubt, don't put it out!"

-- Tag'z will stock their freezer with any specialty items that you request, like Prime

-- Bones are saved for those special customers with four legged family members
*Please inquire during regular business hours for more information